Associate Professor Miroslav Voznak is head of the department of Telecommunications. He received Ph.D degree in 2002. He gives lecturers in VSB- Technical University of Ostrava


Mohammed Chadli is Asscociate Professor at Universite de Picardie Jules Verne (France). 

Roman Senkerik is Assoc.Prof. at Tomas Bata University in ZLin. He is a lecturer, researcher and he is working at the Faculty of Applied Informatics, Department of Informatics and Artificial Intelligence

Katalin  Szabó is a  Professor  of  Economics  at  the  Department  of  Comparative  Economics  of  the Corvinus  University  of  Budapest. She is also a member of Department of Economic and Law Sciences of the Hungarian academy  of  Sciences  with  consulting  rights,  and  member  of  Editorial  Board  of  several  scientific journals.

Balazs Hamori has been a professor of Economics at the Comparative Economics Department of the Corvinus University of Budapest. He was participating in many different postgraduate programs in India, Germany, Missouri, Hungary. Recently, he is the Head of the Comparative Economics Department of CUB. 


Dr. Nguyen is a Professor of the University of New South Wales (Australia) and a prominent scientist in the international osteoporosis research community. He has spent many years of teaching and research in the USA and Australia. His research interests focus on genetic and environmental factors associated with osteoporosis. He serves on the editorial boards of several scientific journals.

Dr. To Vinh Khuong is an expert in the research and developement of membranes technology. He holds the responsibility as director of production and developement projects of the highest quality membranes for its famous precision technology company Sartorious. Along the process, he has a lot of patents, patent protected in Europe and all over the world. 


Dr. Thomas Graham Freeman is an experienced professor with seventeen years of applied research and development in Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization in information technology from 1972-1989. Also as twenty years lecturing in computer science and information systems with University of New South Wales (1990-2010), with the last three years being appointed as deputy head of school responsible for teaching across engineering and IT disciplines.

Prof Lech J. Janczewski, D.Eng.

Prof Janczewski has over forty years’ experience in information technology. He was the managing director of the largest IBM installation in Poland, and project manager of the first computing centre in the NigerState of Nigeria. He is Associate Professor at the University of Auckland, Department of Information Science and Operations Management.

He is professor at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Tokyo University of Science, Japan