Information Services

Libraries and archives

Ton Duc Thang University’s on-campus library houses more than 15,000 books, hundreds of magazines, academic databases, and e-book resources. Furthermore, each faculty also maintains its specialized journals and periodicals.

Thanks to its advantageous location, the library at the Tan Phong Campus also provides reading rooms with more than 2,000 seats and new study centers with advanced facilities and Internet access.

Library facilities include computer workstations, wireless internet access, research training sessions, audio-video rooms, printing and copying stations, and especially friendly librarians.


Catering services are provided in two dining halls. Clients are provided with great menus of traditional Vietnamese dishes or international delicacies. They are all prepared with fresh ingredients and served with hospitable care. The dining halls are not only for meals and drinks but also for socialization where you can chat with friends and colleagues during breaks over a cup of coffee.


Student accommodation is available in the form of college dormitories that are affordable, convenient and encouraging human interactions.

The dormitories are competitively priced and conveniently located right behind the education buildings; all residential rooms and study rooms have high-speed Internet access. There are double and triple rooms with a shared kitchen and full facilities such as laundry rooms and snack machines.