Feng Chia University (FCU) (Taiwan)


In the 1950s, a group of intellectuals in central Taiwan proposed the establishment of the Feng Chia College of Engineering and Business to commemorate Feng-Chia Chiu, an important Chinese military strategist, educator and poet. In 1961, the College was formally opened near Datun Mountain in the northern part of Taichung City. Two years later, the College was moved to its present site in Xitun District in the western section of Taichung City. Following this move, the campus increased in size with the addition of buildings and facilities and there were corresponding increases in the student body and faculty. In 1980, the College became today’s Feng Chia University (FCU).

Over the past 50 years, FCU has continued to grow in size and reputation to become one of the most prestigious comprehensive universities in Taiwan. FCU is currently comprised of eight colleges (Colleges of Engineering, Business, Sciences, Construction and Development, Humanities and Social Sciences, Information and Electrical Engineering and Finance, as well as the School of Management Development). These colleges offer 35 undergraduate programs, more than 50 Master’s degree and Master’s degree for working professionals programs and dozens of doctoral degree programs, as well as a diversity of continuing education and lifelong learning courses.

FCU’s faculty and administrative staff number more than 1,700. Currently, FCU enrolls nearly 20,000 undergraduate, graduate and continuing education students. Its more than 150,000 graduates serve as leaders in a diversity of fields both in Taiwan and abroad. Through its alumni chapters around Taiwan and all over the world, FCU alumni give back to their alma mater and provide networking opportunities to FCU students and graduates.

FCU has become an urban university characterized by diversity, refinement, internationalization and digitalization. Its objective is to operate in Greater China while forging strong ties with the world. It is meeting this goal through its excellence in education, outstanding learning environment, meaningful research and strong community service.

At FCU, we hold fast to the ideals of holistic education and the creation of an equilibrium that balances ethics, knowledge, athletics, social activities and the arts. The school’s motto is “loyalty, diligence, sincerity and perseverance”. This school spirit is at the core of FCU’s leadership role in higher education in the Asia-Pacific region and its reputation for outstanding education and breakthrough research. FCU cultivates well-rounded students who possess professional knowledge and skills, an appreciation for the arts, proficiency in theories and practical applications, innovative thinking and the potential to serve society and benefit humankind.

The cultivation of talent is FCU’s highest mission. In this sense, FCU is a model university in Taiwan due to its effective strategic planning and distinctive management style. In addition, FCU places great importance on continuously improving its campus and learning environment, and quality of education and research, as well as industry collaborations, administrative efficiency, alumni connections, community development efforts, and international exchanges.