The 2012 Endeavour Executive Award

The Australian Education International (AEI) in Vietnam announces information of The 2012 Endeavour Executive Award.

The Endeavour Executive Award provides professional development opportunities of (1 to 4 months) for high achievers in business, industry, education or government from participating countries.

The Awards focus on building skills and knowledge through a host work environment rather than through formal enrolment in a study program at a host organisation and are not intended to fund direct academic research (if your activity will result in you receiving, or contributes to, a formal academic qualification, you will not be eligible to apply for an Executive Award).

Research based proposals are generally more suited for the Endeavour Research Fellowship. Please decide carefully if the Endeavour Executive Award is the Award you should apply for as this Award is about developing or learning new skills in your field or area of expertise rather than furthering your existing research interests and outcomes.

Professional development activities could include management training, peer-to-peer learning, mentoring, short courses and developing leadership skills.

Applicants must be nominated by their host organisation. The professional development activity must be vocationally useful while not being geared toward an immediate commercial outcome as its purpose.

The Endeavour Executive Award aims to:

  • enable high achieving professionals to further develop their skills, knowledge and leadership capabilities,
  • deepen professional engagements between Australia and participating countries,
  • strengthen mutual understanding between the people of Australia and Award Holders’ host countries,
  • build linkages and networks between Australia and participating countries, and
  • allow professionals the opportunity, on returning to their home country, to share their updated skills and knowledge with colleagues.

The Applicant Guidelines provide detailed information on eligibility requirements, Award values, list of participating countries and other important information. You should download these Guidelines and ensure you read and understand them before starting your application.

For further details, please access to the official website of The Endeavour Executive Award

or contact to

Ms. Trần Lê Hà

The Australian Education International (AEI) in Vietnam

Phone (04) 37740138