Feng Chia University (FCU) 2011-2012 International Student Admissions

FCU International Student Scholarship

FCU facilitates two types of scholarship programs for international students (type A and type B). Type A provides full tuition fee waiver and Type B provides half tuition fee for the first academic year. The tuition is directly paid from the awarded scholarship while the remainder is transferred semi-annually to the recipient’s account in March and October. Applicants do not need to submit any additional documents. Marking the option on the FCU international student admissions application form is sufficient.

For more details regarding available scholarships, please go online to http://www.admission.fcu.edu.tw

Taiwan Scholarship

International student can apply for the Taiwan Scholarship, which is granted by the central government, through a Taiwan Overseas Representative Office before their arrival in Taiwan. For further information, please go online to http://www.edu.tw/bicer/ .

Democratic Pacific Union (DPU) Graduate Scholarship

This Scholarship is only offered to graduate students from DPU member countries. Applicants should apply directly to the DPU. A list of DPU member countries and scholarship application guidelines can be viewed on the DPU Website.

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