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Application & Documents


Documents for Reviewing Process

For applicants applying for either non-scholarship study or scholarship study, you need to prepare the following scanned documents as files for our reviewing process:

1. Application form (click here to download)

2. A notarized copy of original high school diploma

3. A notarized copy of original high school academic transcripts/study record

4. A notarized copy of original passport or ID card (if any for the passport, but the passport must be available when you are informed to prepare your visa application)

5. A copy of English/Vietnamese language proficiency certificate (if any).

6. Health certificate issued by the authorized bodies in your country or in Vietnam within the last 06 months. 

* For original documents not written in English language, their notarized English translations are required.

Notes: The documents and the Application Form must be attached in your email so that we are able to check them in our reviewing process. Improper documents and/or shortage of information required will make your application invalid.  

Click here to see How to apply.

Documents for Enrolment

As soon as you have received TDTU Admission Letter for your study eligibility, you need to prepare another set of documents so that we will be able to support you to apply for the visa:
1.    Application form for international applicants to study in Vietnam (download here).
2.    A copy of high school diploma or equivalence with Consular Legalisation
3.    A copy of high school academic transcripts/study record or equivalence with Consular Legalisation
4.    A notarised copy of passport whose validity fully covers the course time or at least 01 year from the tentative date of arrival
5.    A copy of English/Vietnamese language proficiency certificate (if any)
6.    Health certificate issued by the authorised bodies in Vietnam within the last 06 months. The place for making the certificate is designated.
7.    International student profile (download here).
8.    International student commitment form (download here).
* For documents not made in English, their notarised English translations are required.
* Consular Legalisation could be made by either the Vietnamese authorised diplomatic missions in your country prior to your enrolment or those of your country in Vietnam within 06 months from your arrival.