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Joint programs with international universities

This program focuses on recruiting high school graduates from Vietnam and countries around the world.

If you would like to improve your chances on the international labour market, gain diverse experiences in your study field, learn about different cultures, and acquire an internationally recognized degree, then check out the programs offered!

This is a joint programs with international universities with the first phase in Vietnam and the second phase of study and graduating at a foreign university in the training system of TDTU. Among 137 universities in the world, TDTU chooses to associate itself  with prestigious universities in countries which have  advanced education system  in the world but with low training costs and many incentives for students of TDTU such as United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Malaysia, and Taiwan, etc. Students will study phase 1 (2-3 years) at TDTU and transfer to phase 2 (1-2 years) at partner universities abroad.

After graduating from a foreign university in phase 2, students will be awarded a degree by the foreign university as a full time student in a foreign country (non-discrimination of diplomas between students who study full-time or only phase 2 in a foreign country). Especially, if they enroll in a dual degree program, in addition to the degree of foreign universities, they also receive the internationally recognized Bachelor degree from TDTU.

Benefits of Program

  • Receive an international qualification like those studying abroad however, the expense is only 30% compared with the total cost of studying full course abroad;
  • Obtain two global  degrees from TDTU and overseas Universities simultaneously;
  • Greatly increase your chances on the international labour market due to the intercultural experiences you gained during the exchanges;
  • Overseas Universities will give you the opportunity to acquire expertise in specialized study fields and, additionally, to perfect your language and soft skills;
  • Have job opportunities in Vietnam, the country of training in phase 2 or in their hometown.

The tuition fee:  

Phase 1 in Vietnam: around 45.000.000 - 63.000.000VND/year (1.915usd – 2.681usd) 

Phase 2 in overseas Universities: around 55.000.000 – 370.000.000 VND/year (2.340usd – 15.745usd)

List of Joint programs with international universities:


Partner University: University of the West of England, Bristol

Nation: United Kingdom

Programs: Accounting (3 + 1, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: Lunghwa University of Science and Technology

Nation: Taiwan

Programs: Finance (3+1, Degree offered by Linked University), International Business Administration (3 + 1, Degree offered by Linked University), Computer Science and Technology (2 + 2, Degree offered by Linked University)



Partner University: Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Nation: The Netherlands

Programs: Finance & Control (3+1, Degree offered by Linked University), Electrical & Electronic Engineering (2.5 + 1.5, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: Taylor’s University

Nation: Malaysia

Programs: Hospitality Management (2.5 + 1.5, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: Feng Chia University

Nation: Taiwan

Programs: Finance (2 + 2, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: National Penghu University of Science and Technology 

Nation: Taiwan

Programs: Tourism Management and Recreation (2 + 2, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: University of Economics, Prague

Nation: Czech Republic

Programs: Business Administration (2 + 2, Degree offered by TDTU and Linked University)



Partner University: Technical University of Ostrava 

Nation: Czech Republic

Programs: Computer Science and Technology (2 + 2, Degree offered by Linked University)


Admission Requirements

Student profile: high school graduates or equivalent.

English proficiency is equivalent to B2. If you do not have the required language level, students will attend an intensive English class from 1 semester for 1 year.


In 2020, TDTU offers more than 100 full and partial scholarships for international students. Scholarships include tuition and dormitory fee.

How to Apply for Scholarships:

• Application form;

• High school diploma;

• English language certificate or other supporting documents (if any).

Scholarship application date and deadline:

Applications open: January 15th 

Applications deadline: July 30th

Fall semester start: September 15th