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Undergraduate Programs in English language

This program concentrates on recruiting international students for undergraduate program and training. International students choosing this program will study at TDTU Campus and get graduate internships in large companies and businesses in Vietnam.

Benefits of Program: 

  • Training costs in Vietnam are quite low;
  • The degree from TDTU is globally valuable;
  • Have an opportunity to deeply understand the Vietnamese culture and economy to find job opportunities in large corporations and companies of the world;
  • If students choose to work in Vietnam, TDTU will support them in applying for a work visa for foreigners and job search.

The tuition fee: around 60.000.000VND/year (≈ 2.553usd/year)

List of Undergraduate Programs in English language:



1. Business Administration (in Hospitality Management)

6. Computer Science

2. Marketing

7. Software Engineering

3. International Accounting

8. Automation and Control Engineering

4. English Language

9. Civil Engineering

5. Biotechnology


Admission Requirements

Student profile: High school graduates or equivalent

English requirements:

- Students from countries with English as their primary language are not required to have an International English Certificate;  

- Vietnamese students and students from countries where English is not the main language: must have an IELTS 5.0 or equivalent; or they have to take an English language proficiency test at the beginning of the course with TDTU's International English Proficiency Assessment System to determine eligibility for studying the program (Except for the English language major).

  • Exception:

- In case students do not have the required language level but still want to study the program, then they will be only recognized as matriculation but have no admission decision; Students have to attend intensive English program at TDTU until they reach the required language level to receive the admission decision. The intensive English program can last from1 semester to 1 year depending on the students’ ability assessed through the input placement results of TDTU.

- After one year studying the intensive English program, if the students still do not meet English standard IELTS 5.0 or equivalent, they can either stop their study or apply for the Undergraduate programs in both Vietnamese and English, Undergraduate programs in Vietnamese language (if they still meet the relevant entry criteria of that courses/programs).

- In case the number of eligible students less than the minimum required to open classes, the students can preserve the enrollment results, or transfer to other courses or programs (if they still meet the relevant entry criteria of that courses/programs).

An Introduction To The English Capacity Test - Undergraduate Programs In English Language: Click here


In 2019, TDTU offers more than 100 full and partial scholarships for international students. Scholarships include tuition and dormitory fee.

How to Apply for Scholarships:

• Application form;

• High school diploma;

• English language certificate or other supporting documents (if any).

Scholarship application date and deadline:

Fall semester admission

Applications open: January 15th 

Applications deadline: July 30th

Fall semester start: September 15th 

Spring semester admission

Applications open: July 15th

Applications deadline: : November 30th

Spring semester start: January 1st