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Undergraduate Programs in Vietnamese language

Undergraduate Programs in Vietnamese language are especially useful for international students who want to study in Vietnam and take Vietnamese as the main language toward their course.

At TDTU, it is our objective to develop you into a creative, skillful and sought-after graduate, with the aptitude, skills and experiences that will enable you to make an impact in your chosen career.

Benefits of Program: 

  • Training costs in Vietnam are quite low;
  • The degree from TDTU is globally valuable;
  • Have an opportunity to deeply understand the Vietnamese culture and economy to find job opportunities in large corporations and companies of the world;
  • If students choose to work in Vietnam, TDTU will support them in applying for a work visa for foreigners and job search.

The tuition fee:

For the Economic - Technical Branches: around 18.000.000VND - 22.000.000VND/year (≈ 766usd - 936usd/year)

Especially, for Bachelor degree of Pharmacy: 40.000.000 VND/year (≈ 1.702usd/year)

List of Undergraduate Programs in Vietnamese language:



1.Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

21. Chinese Language- Chinese-English major

2. Environmental engineering technology

22. Labor Relations

3. Biotechnology

23. Sport Management- Sport Business and Event Organization major

4. Social work

24. Business Administration - Human Resources major

5. Pharmacy

25. Marketing

6. Accounting

26. Business Administration - Hospitality Management major

7. Computer science

27. Regional and Urban Planning

8. Environmental Science

28. Finance and Banking

9. Architecture

29. Industrial Design

10. International Business

30. Interior Design

11. Civil Engineering

31. Fashion Design

12. Chemical Engineering

32. Graphic Design

13. Software Technology

33. Statistics

14. Transportation Engineering

34. Applied Mathematics

15. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering

35. Communication and Computer Network

16. Electrical Engineering

36. Vietnam Studies - Tourism and Travel Services specialization

17. Automation and Control Engineering

37. Vietnamese studies – Tourism and tourism management

18. Law

38. Sociology

19. English Language

39. Vietnamese Study - major in Vietnamese Language

20. Chinese Language- Chinese major

40. Golf

Admission Requirements

Student profile: high school graduates or equivalent.

Applicants for Undergraduate Programs in Vietnamese language should have sufficient listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability in Vietnamese. They are required to provide a Vietnamese proficiency certificate CEFR B2.

If students do not have the required language level, students will attend an intensive Vietnamese class from 1 semester for 1 year.


In 2020, TDTU offers more than 100 full and partial scholarships for international students. Scholarships include tuition and dormitory fee.

How to Apply for Scholarships:

• Application form;

• High school diploma;

• English language certificate or other supporting documents (if any).

Scholarship application date and deadline:

Fall semester admission

Applications open: January 15th 

Applications deadline: July 30th

Fall semester start: September 15th 

Spring semester admission

Applications open: July 15th

Applications deadline: : November 30th

Spring semester start: January 1st