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(estimated, applied to non-scholarship students)

Undergraduate Program taught in Vietnamese language: 

866USD - 1,030USD/year

Bachelor degree of Pharmacy: 1,966USD/year

Bachelor degree of Golf: 1,940USD - 3,146USD/year

Undergraduate Program taught in Vietnamese language and English language:

1,808USD – 2,246USD/year

Undergraduate Program taught in English language:

2,739USD - 2,918 USD/year

Joint programs with international universities:

Phase 1 in Vietnam: 1,915USD – 2,681USD/year

Phase 2 in overseas Universities: 2,340USD – 15,745USD/year



- Admission: 15USD - 30USD (preparatory language course, undergraduate program)

- English language placement test: 15USD (Note: before the bachelor's program)

- Learning materials: depends on subjects (textbook, stationary, laptop, and other necessary equipment)

- Health check-up: 5USD per academic year.

- Health insurance: 40USD per each 12-month period.

- Accident insurance: 10 USD per entire course

- Visa: 150USD - 200USD (new/renew)

- Uniform: required for undergraduate program students on Mondays and Thursdays. 

 + Male: white T-shirt and long trousers in dark colours. 30USD per ensemble, depends on your choice. 

 + Female: "áo dài", 20USD - 40USD per ensemble.

- Wifi at TDTU dormitory/3G network: 3-5 USD per month (limited access).

Dormitory fee (inside the campus): 30USD - 220USD per month . The accommodation is totally free if you have a dormitory scholarships of 100%.

- Renting room (outside TDTU): 100USD - 300USD per month.

Electricity bill and water bill at TDTU dormitory: depends on amount used, the bills are shared among roommates.

- Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner: 1USD - 1.5USD per each set at cafeterias inside/outside campus.

- Local bus: 1/3 dollar per each route (student ticket). Other ways of transportation are also available: taxi, grab bikes/cars.

- Recreational activities: downtown café: 2 - 3 dollars; movie ticket: 3 - 5 dollars; etc.

The fees may vary at different period of time, but not considerable.


Every academic year, Ton Duc Thang University awards a number of Scholarships to qualified candidates to undertake Bachelor’s Degree study. 

In 2020, TDTU offers more than 200 full and partial scholarships for international students. Applicants with TDTU's scholarships will not pay the tuition fee/dormitory fee (accommodation).

Click here to read more about TDTU's scholarships policy for international students