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Celebration for the beginning of the Year of the Mouse

On the morning of 1st February 2020, the Lunar 8th day of the Year of the Mouse, Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) held the celebration for the Year of the Mouse at the main hall of Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS).

There was participation of members of the University Board, the Presidential Board, Heads of attached units and about 1,000 lecturers and staff.

In the joyful atmosphere at the first meeting of the year, Prof. Le Vinh Danh, TDTU President wished all TDTU members a happy new year with good health, peace, lots of love; and expect the Year of the Mouse (2020), TDTU will complete all the work owed in the old year, continue to rise in the world university rankings as well as implement some new goals to bring TDTU even more brilliant and sustainable success.

Lecturers from each of the attached units also sent good wishes to the Presidential Board and all TDTU lecturers and staff. The Presidential Board also gave lucky money to all attendees.

Some photos of the Celebration:


Prof. Le Vinh Danh, TDTU President giving happy new year’s wishes to all TDTU members


TDTU Leaders proposing the toast for the Spring celebration


Ms. Seija Nyholm, V.F.I.S. Principal and all V.F.I.S. members saying happy new year wishes


Presidential Board giving lucky money for the Spring Celebration



Everybody participating in lucky draw…


… and singing for the Spring Celebration

Source: TDTU