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Regarding the extended suspension of face-to-face learning at the TDTU campuses for students until the end of 8th Mar 2020

Based on the current situation in the District 7, Ho Chi Minh City and the complicated movements of the Covid-19 epidemic in the past week for countries around the world; in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, ensure the health and safety for the community, TDTU now notifies as followings:

  1. The school continues to suspend the face-to-face learning at TDTU campuses and postpone the organization of the midterm exams in semester II, academic year 2019-2020 from 2nd to 8th of March 2020.
  2. All doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students (referred to as students) continue to take part in online teaching and learning activities (and some other modes of delivery) according to the notices of the Faculty/ Center and Lecturers on the Student Information System, and E-learning system, etc. as implemented from February 10, 2020 to the present.
  3. For students who have registered for the Graduation exam, professional practice skills, and those working on a graduate thesis/ graduation project for the April 2020 Graduation should actively review the lessons, prepare for the exam as well as the thesis defense, etc. The exam and thesis defense schedule will be organized right after having an official announcement of face-to-face learning from the university.