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An introduction to the English Language Proficiency Assessment Test

The English Language Proficiency Assessment Test for Undergraduate Programs in English language includes:

1. Reading and Listening skills: follow the structure of the CEPT (the Cambridge English Placement Test).

Time duration: 45 minutes

The online compatibility test on computer means that when the candidates conducts the test, the next questions will be based on the candidate's answer to the previous question. This leads to the test being easier or harder until the level is most stable, and the candidate's English proficiency will be determined correctly. The test is compatible with candidates of all levels. Candidates do not have to answer all the more difficult, or easier, questions than their qualification.

The results will be published immediately. The maximum score is 100 points, corresponding to the CEFR framework.

Note: All the questions in both Listening and Reading skills must be completed and using English, the system will measure language ability and give results. Do not spend too much time on one skill and no time to complete the remaining skills, the result is likely not displayed.

2. Writing skill:

Time duration: 60 minutes

The written test includes 2 parts. Candidates should balance the time to suit each section. The time recorded in each section is for referencing only. However, candidates are encouraged to adhere to the duration and the number of words required.

Part 1 (20 minutes): Write a summary to describe a chart (150-180 words)

Part 2 (40 minutes): Write an essay on a social topic (250-300 words)

3. Speaking skills:

Time duration: 12-15 minutes

There will be 2 examiners and 2 candidates in the testing room.

Part 1 (3 minutes): The examiner asks a number of questions about the candidate’s personal information.

Part 2 (3 minutes): The examiner will give the candidate a sheet of paper containing a picture of a specific situation. The two candidates will discuss the situation and came to agreement on the decision.

Part 3 (3 minutes): Each candidate is given a different picture of a specific situation. Then, each candidate will describe his/her picture.

Part 4 (3 minutes): The examiner provides a general topic related to the two pictures in part 3 and the two candidates will work together to discuss on the topic.